giovedì 18 aprile 2013


Tights and leggings are two very similar types of clothing. Both are very tight, form-fitting pants, often worn under another piece of clothing such as a dress, skirt, or even jeans. There are some differences between tights and leggings that may make them more suited for one style over another.
The first difference between tights and leggings is the material used to make them. As a general rule, tights are slightly thinner than leggings, and are not intended to be worn alone. Leggings are made of thicker material, and though it is not often recommended in fashion, they may be worn alone and are often used for working out. Tights may also be made of thicker material, however, and once worn with a dress and boots, can be impossible to tell apart from leggings.
The next difference in tights and leggings is length. Tights generally stretch over the feet and all the way up to the waist, entirely covering the legs. Leggings usually end at the ankles, and do not normally cover the feet. Leggings may come in varying lengths, from knee-length or Capri-length leggings all the way up to pant-length leggings. For this reason, tights are often worn in the winter for warmth, whereas leggings may be worn during virtually any season, even with open-toed shoes.
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