venerdì 19 aprile 2013


Whatever theleggings are in what style, they are a good thing for everyone. Especially, theleggings are very suitable for trips.
The leggings arein well use. I know this before my last trip. Remember that I have trip yet. Icarry my big luggage, but my friend carries her little bag. I am so confusedabout that why she can brings fewer things. We need to stay that approaching tendays. Yunnanhas the flexible weather, maybe you feel hot in the afternoon, but in the eveningyou will feel very cold. I laugh at my friend the stupid actions. But sheexpressed more calm.
Our travel passedday and day, but I don’t have seen my friend wear the same clothes. What’s more,my friend is very fashion with the different leggings. Finally, she tells methat she only brings the two coats, but she brings seven leggings in her littlebags. She says the leggings are her secret weapon at any trips. The leggingscan’t take up much space; also they are the top-fashionable clothes in the currentcentury. Most actresses select the leggings as their party clothes. So you cansee many actresses wear leggings in the different situation.
Actually, my frienddoesn’t change her coat, but I feel that she change the clothes everyday. She tellsme a good match with the leggings is very important for all of us. She says theleggings aren’t too expensive. So everybody can buy them. Also the leggings aresuitable for all seasons. So this is a good choice to buy leggings instead oftrousers. Everyday the different match can show out different beauty. Allpeople feel that you are fashionable.
I like her onepiece of leggings with Colorful Asymmetric Splash-ink, she matches the leggingswith a white T-shirt, I think she is good-look with such match. She say it is RomweWomen's Colorful Asymmetric Splash-ink Style Spandex Leggings. The leggingsare full of artistic sense like a picture which we draw in ourchildhood.
They are full ofinteresting.
After the trip, Iknow the leggings are important for a trip.